OptiMax HTSMiCo BioMed’ OptiMax™ automation plates, based on the Optimiser™ technology platform, combined with Tecan’s Freedom Evo® workstation allow you to perform rapid, highly sensitive ELISAs while keeping your sample uptake to an absolute minimum.

Highly Sensitive & Highly Efficient!

  • Improved automation workflow – no washers/incubators needed
    • Process twice as many plates per run
    • Unattended operation
  • 13 Minute sandwich ELISAs
  • Sample size < 2μl/data point
  • Tune sensitivity up to 1,000 fold over conventional ELISA method
  • 10-20 fold reagent savings
  • PROGRAM assay for speed, sensitivity, or precious sample
  • A universal immunoassay solution

OptiMax™ HTS plates also provide users without fully integrated automation systems with an option to improve throughput and enjoy many of the benefits of automation with a low cost semi-automation solution using Biotek instruments.

Low Sample Volumes!

OptiMax™ Automation Plates yield the sensitivity of conventional plates using sample volumes as low as 1.5 μl.

Effect of Sample Volume on Sensitivity

Effect of Sample Volume on Sensitivity

Fast Assays!

The extremely short incubation times made possible by the unique and dramatic binding kinetics of OptiMax™ Automation plates, combined with the precision and control of Tecan Freedom Evo® Systems, allow life science researchers to select for extremely fast assays; dramatically improving throughput for both single and multi-sample tests.

Thirteen Minute Beta-HCG Assay and Rapid Multi-Sample Analysis

Thirteen minute BhCG assay | Rapid Mutli-Sample Analysis

Human, beta-HCG serum samples were used in each assay.

Protocol for Ultra-Rapid Assay Protocol for Rapid Multi-Sample Assay
Assay Step Reagent Volume Incubation Time Assay Step Reagent Volume Incubation Time
Capture Ab. 4 μl 1 m Capture Ab. 4 μl 4 min
Block 5 μl 2 m Block 5 μl 4 min
HCG Std 3 μl 1 m HCG Std 3 μl 4 min
Detect Ab – AP 3 μl 1 m Detect Ab – AP 3 μl 4 min
Wash buffer 7 μl 2 m Wash buffer 20 μl 4 min
Wash buffer 15 μl 3 m Wash buffer 20 μl 5 min
Substrate 3 μl 3 m Substrate 2 μl 5 min
TOTAL 13 m TOTAL 30 min

Tune Sensitivity!

OptiMax™ Automation Plates allow life science researchers to boost sensitivity simply by adjusting the amount of sample they use in their assays. All other assay steps, reagents and reagent volumes remain constant.

Human IL-4 Sandwich ELISA

Add samples sequentially in 5μl aliquots to select for desired level of sensitivity.

Human IL-4 Sandwich ELISA


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