OptiMax STAT
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MiCo BioMed has developed the OptiMax®-STAT ELISA automation platform to provide an affordable solution for high-performance ELISA automation. At the heart of the OptiMax®-STAT system is the novel Optimiser™ microplate. Existing assay reagents can be easily adapted to Optimiser™ microplate format.

Introducing OptiMax®-STAT:

  • Low-Cost Single Plate ELISA Processor
    • Automated liquid handler only < $5,000
    • With fluorescence reader < $12,500
    • Labware: 96-well microfluidic Optimiser™ microplate or 6 strip well plates (8 wells/strip) + 2 source plate positions
  • Plug ‘n’ Play Automation
  • Throughput up to 80 tests/hour
  • Broad Test Menu (Open Platform)
    • Compatible with all microplate based ELISA tests (sandwich, competitive, indirect ELISA)

Target Applications:

By focusing on core functionality for automated liquid transfer and minimizing add-on features (sample transfer to sample source plate completed externally, operator transfers assay plate to reader) – OptiMax®-STAT offers unique low-cost ELISA automation benefits for:

  • Emerging Markets
  • Low-volume Specialty Test Labs
  • Users of Manual Diagnostic ELISA Kits
  • Development/Research Labs

OptiMax®-STAT Brochure

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