Reader SettingsThe following readers are compatible with Optimiser™ microplates. Detailed set-up instructions for each reader may be obtained by clicking on the Reader Name. Is your reader not listed? Please refer to the General Reader Setup Guidance or contact technical support for assistance.

Reader Name Optic Setting Plate Type Gain/Sensitivity Setting Z-position Adjustment Other Instruction
BioTek Flx800 529/20 & 590/35 96-well Plate Manual N/A N/A
Tecan Infinite® M200 544/590 96-well, Clear, Round Manual Manual Define well depth under Plate Type
BMG FLUOStar® Omega 544/590 SBS Standard 96-well Manual N/A N/A
Promega GloMax® Green Optical Kit N/A N/A N/A N/A
Molecular Devices SpectraMax® M Series 529/590 96-well Auto N/A Define plate dimension under Plate Type.
PerkinElmer VICTOR™ X Series 531/25 & 590/10 Generic 8×12; 96-well N/A N/A Define properties in new flourometry file. Define plate dimensions in protocol editor.