Starter and Evaluation KitsThe Optimiser™ Microplate adoption kit is designed to ensure that first-time users can experience the “Powered by Optimiser™” difference for ELISA. The detailed Instruction Manual includes Tutorials for users to verify pipetting performance and confirm ELISA data for the trial IL-6 assay as an example of ELISA on Optimiser™. The “Assay transfer” section of the Instruction Manual contains a step-by-step guide to help users migrate an established conventional 96-well ELISA assay to Optimiser™.

The Optimiser™ Starter Kit is designed primarily for users who prefer to use assay kits and includes the pipetting instructions and the trial IL-6 assay protocol (with Tutorials).

Designed to allow users to:
(a) visualize flow on Optimiser™ using dye buffers,
(b) run a demo IL-6 assay, and
(c) migrate an established and well-characterized assay from a 96-well plate to the Optimiser™ (Adoption Kit only)

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Optimiser™ Microplate Adoption Kit

Catalog No. Product Name Price
OPV-IL6WDR Allows users new to Optimiser™ microplates to become familiar with its use. currently out of stock