OptiMax™ Automation ELISA Plate Adoption Kits provide all the materials and methods required to adapt your immunoassay from conventional 96-well or 384-well ELISA plate format to OptiMax™ microfluidic plate format in just three easy steps, requiring less than a day to perform. This kit enables optimization of the assay (including coating buffer selection, antibody cross-titration, and dynamic range definition) entirely using robotics and automated pipetting from start to finish; no manual assay work is required.

Set Up: Verify the pipetting operation of your instrument with OptiMax™ plates and run the control assay included in the kit provided to adjust flourescence plate reader settings.

Step 1: Select Optimal Capture Antibody Binding Buffer (OptiBind™ Buffer Screening)

A simple one-run protocol identifies the best OptiBind™ buffer to be used for each assay of interest.

Step 2: Select Optimal Antibody Concentrations (Antibody Cross-Titration)

An expedited protocol employing a DOE-based antibody concentration optimization matrix suitable for automation efficiently identifies optimal antibody conditions.

Step 3: Tune assay for desired Sensitivity, Sample Utilization and Throughput

Set desired standard curve range with tunable sensitivity, based on number of sample/standard reloading iterations. Limit of detection correlates directly with number of sample/standard reloads, hence sensitivity is “tunable”, a unique attribute of Optimiser™ Technology.

OptiMax™ Automation Plate Adoption Kit:

Components: 5 plates and sufficient buffer and substrate reagents to transfer assays of interest

  • One plate for liquid handling, tip adjustment, maximum RFU sensitivity adjustment
  • One plate for control sandwich immunoassay to adjust and verify flourescence plate reader settings (gain/sensitivity).
  • One plate for binding buffer selection
  • One plate for antibody titration and optimal concentration selection
  • One plate to run optimized assay to determine dynamic range and LOD
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