Transform Your ELISA Performance

From Current (96-well) Pates To Optimiser™ Technology Platform
Sensitivity Picogram Level 10 to 1000 fold sensitivity increase
Sample 50- 100 μl sample volume reduced to only 2 μl sample volume
Reagents 50-100 μl of each reagent reduced to only 5ul for most reagents
Time From Eight hour assay to 13 minute sandwich ELISAs!
Dynamic range 2-log at best to 3-Logs with NO change in reagents
Convenience Cumbersome Wash Steps replaced by simple flush step

MiCo BioMed’s ELISA Transfer Service is Simple and allows you to realize the benefits of Optimiser™ technology with no effort. For a modest fee, MiCo BioMed will develop an Optimiser™ based protocol for the assay of your choice. Deliverables include:

  • Validated dynamic range and LOD.
  • Customized protocol with optimized assay parameters and reagent concentrations.
  • Validated reagents from transfer process and Optimiser™ plate supplies.

Contact MiCo BioMed to transfer your assay.