Semi-Automation Performance

BioTek Precision Compatible

Amplify Performance with OptiMax™ Plates and BioTek Precision Instrumentation

  • Ultra-Fast
    • 13 minute assays
  • Ultra-Sensitive
    • 200 to 10,000 fold sensitivity increase

Integrate OptiMax™ Microplates with BioTek Precision Microplate Pipetting System to:

  • Eliminate need for washers, incubators, and shakers
  • Achieve higher functionality
    • Load OptiMax™ microplates reagents in V-bottom plates
    • System runs complete assay sequence
    • Manually transfer to reader

Ultra-High Sensitivity

Amplify Sensitivity with OptiMax™ Plates and BioTek Instrumentation

Enhance sensitivity simply by adjusting sample size.

Femtogram Sensitivity

  • No Change in Reagents
  • “Tunable” Sensitivity

Assay Protocol:

Assay Results – Sensitivity Gains upon Serial Addition of Assay Sample to OptiMax™ Plates using BioTek Precision Instrumentation:

Rapid Assays

OptiMax™ Plates Dramatically Improve ELISA Assay Times on Automated InstrumentsBioTek Precision Microplate Pipetting system allows for the precise delivery of small sample volumes and precise timing control between dispensing steps; allowing for ultra-fast assays on OptiMax™ microplates.

Beta hCG ELISA Results in 13 Minutes!

  • No Compromise in Sensitivity
  • 1-3 Minute Incubation Steps
  • 3 μl Samples

Assay Protocol – 13 Minute beta hCG Assay using OptiMax™ Plates and the BioTek Precision, 8 channel Pipetting System and BioTek Flx800 reader:

Optimiser™ Technology

Optimiser™ Technology – Now Automation Compatible:

Automation Compatible: OptiMax™ Microplates incorporate Optimiser™ technology designed to ANSI/SBS standards, in an automation compatible format with fully integrated absorbent pads.