MiCo BioMed has developed the TROVA™ POCT system and the underlying Optimiser™ technology as platform systems. Specifically, the TROVA™ POCT allows existing microplate based ELISA’s to adopted to a POCT use format within a few months. This is a significant advantage to our assay partners as it drives down the development cost for new tests and allows for a comprehensive portfolio of POCT tests to be developed quickly and reliably.

MiCo BioMed seeks to commercialize the TROVA™ system under an OEM based model. MiCo BioMed will work with potential assay partners to validate assays of interest on the TROVA™ system. Upon successful validation, the TROVA™ system will be available to the assay partners (under their brand names) under a licensing agreement and MiCo BioMed will continue to provide the POCT system and the Optimiser™ technology based test cartridge under an OEM agreement. Please refer to the adoption scheme for a brief review of the process and contact us for additional details.

MiCo BioMed is also seeking strategic marketing and development partnerships with companies desiring to leverage the power of Optimiser™’s enabling platform technology to bring new and dramatic improvements to the fields of rapid lab diagnostics and life sciences research. Our proven Optimiser™ microfluidic platform is commercially offered to the life science research market.

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