Optimiser™ turbo charges traditional immunoassays by dramatically enhancing assay binding kinetics,reducing diffusion distances, and by eliminating time consuming wash steps. Immunoassays Powered by Optimiser™ offer scientists….

Click here to see a video explaining the principles of operation of the Optimiser™.

How is Optimiser™ different from a conventional ELISA plate?

  • The Optimiser™ microplate is a revolutionary new microplate format.
  • With an ANSI/SBS compliant 96-well layout, the Optimiser™ integrates the Power of Microfluidics to allow for low volume, rapid, and sensitive immunoassay protocols.
  • The key difference between the Optimiser™ and conventional 96-well plates is that the Optimiser™ uses the microfluidic channel at the base of each well as the reaction chamber (the well is only used to funnel sample/reagents to the microfluidic channel).