About Us

MiCo BioMed, founded in 2004, is focused on developing a next generation diagnostics and life sciences platform using innovative microfluidics for immunoassays.

MiCo BioMed’s market-proven Optimiser™ technology integrates the power of microfluidics into easy-to-use high- medium- and low-throughput platforms, as well as allows for manual testing using the same assay disposables. Over 70 assays have been developed using the Optimiser™ technology platform, proving the robustness and universal nature of this platform.

MiCo BioMed invites diagnostic and life science companies to learn about our Optimiser™ technology.

Our proven Optimiser™ microfluidic platform is already commercially offered to the life science market. It provides users unheard of enhancements in automation workflow, and improved assay throughput. ELISAs use sample sizes of less than a drop of blood (3 to 5 uL). Optimiser™ technology allows users to tune their assay, typically with no change in their own or commercially available reagents.